Our Frameworks

Every child holds a special place in our home – both in our hearts and in the group that suits them.

Bet Elazraki currently has 6 major frameworks:

Main Children's Home

Girls and boys
Ages 7-15

The main children’s home has everything the children could possibly need. It is not only where children of these ages sleep, but this  building is where most of our activities are conducted for all of our children–meals, celebrations, workshops, lessons, treatments, etc. This is the heart of the home.


Teenage Girls,
14-15 years old

The changes that young adults undergo over during these years, especially among our girls, required us to establish a separate home for girls aged 14-15.

The aim was to enable them privacy and independence, and to let them formulate their developing character in a home of their own. The house is of course very close to our main building, and also right by the Older Girls’ (Bogrot) house, enabling them to bond with the older girls, who serve as role models for them.


Older Girls,
16-18 Years old

The Bogrot House was established by the women of Emunah Britain in 1998 and they continue to maintain it to this day. The house is furnished and accessorized, catering to the mature nature of their girls and their counselors in a separate building near the main children’s home.

Here, the girls enjoy privacy and freedom, conducting an independent lifestyle where they all share in the routine daily chores. In so doing, the girls acquire essential skills for developing their independence, femininity and ability to integrate successfully into society in the future.


Older Boys,
16-18 Years old

The idea for creating a home for our adolescent boys was established from the model applied for the older girls, operating upon the same principle. Many years ago, mainly due to the lack of a budget for a dedicated structure, the 13-year old boys were forced to leave the Children’s Home and many returned to the streets and to the cycle of distress.

After many years of renting spaces with major expenses, the solution was provided by the BILD, the giant German media conglomerate that runs a fund to aid children in distress around the world. The organization and fund directors who selected an Israeli project for the first time, donated the amount needed to purchase the building we longed for for our boys. The older boys now live in a well-maintained and beautiful house, conducting themselves freely and independently, yet fully involved in all Children’s Home activities.

Child and Family Therapy Center

The Family Intervention Center at Bet Elazraki has been operating since 2000. It is a 3-year program, which serves an average of 70 families from the Netanya area per year. It is aimed at rescuing dysfunctional families, and to avoid the separation of parents and children. The goal is rehabilitating the family unit, by empowering both child and parents. The court ordered that these children are permitted to sleep in their parents’ homes, but upon entering the program, they are still not being provided with many necessities, and most importantly, with appropriate care and support psychologically and emotionally.

This is a very unique program in which we combine the therapeutic support of the child, with rehabilitation for the entire family. Every day after school the children are bussed to Bet Elazraki where they get a hot lunch, help with their school work, therapy, cultural enrichment, fun activities, and more. Our educational staff works with the children on their learning and behavioral capabilities, and they are in ongoing contact with the schools and the children’s teachers. Working with the parents includes therapy, joint activities with the children, strengthening the child-parent relationship and communication, sharing the children’s challenges and difficulties, giving the parents the tools to cope with these issues and more.

Bet Yardena and Bet Talia

Soldier’s Homes

At Bet Elazraki, we are a family in every sense of the word, which means being there for our children long after they turn 18. For years, when our graduates would return home for weekends off in the army, national service, or university, they didn’t have a set place. We rented apartments here and there for them at high costs, and had to deal with vacating and finding a new location every year or so.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of a dear friend, we were finally able to actualize our dream of giving our graduates a true home. 2 homes, right down the street from our main building,  were purchased for our soldiers, and another house was rented for the couple who oversees them.

The girls serving in the IDF and National Service live in Bet Yardena, and our male graduates serving in the IDF live in Bet Talia.