Academic Studies Fund

We nurture and support our children for years to ensure that they are scholastically equipped for university.  Throughout school years, we emphasis the importance of scholastic success.  Research and the compressive field experience compiled over decades of our successful nurturing of at-risk children since 1969 have led us to believe that scholastic success is the key to real change in the lives of at-risk children.  To that end we implement an intense professional afterschool tutorial program.  Our children become scholastic achievers, they develop positive learning habits and study skills and do well in their final high school exams.  Their self-esteem flourishes and their motivation to continue their studies expands.

When one of our young adults earns a college degree, it is physical proof that they have broken the cycle of distress.

For those starting out as at-risk children growing up in a children´s home, like our graduates, this achievement gives them a feeling that they have been “certified” to succeed.  They can face any new challenge, and this motivation  must not be forfeited because of financial obstacles.

We are committed to standing by our childrens’ side until they are able to truly be on their own. To enable our graduates to become university graduates we must provide financial aid.  We are dependent on dear friends like you to ensure that they can reach their full potential with a higher education.