Julia Packer Art Therapy Fund

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words – Drawings and paintings are one of the best ways to gain direct access to a child’s inner world, their feelings regarding past trauma, their impression of themselves, their family, and more.

Over the past year, 40 children have benefitted from our art therapy program.  In many cases, it is through art therapy that a child opens up for the first time. Art enables them to make the first step towards healing their shuttered soul. 

About Julia Packer:

Julia Packer was born in Russia and placed with her brother in a children´s home (orphanage) when she was 3. When she was 6, she and her brother were adopted by the Packers, an American observant Jewish family who already had 4 children. From the outset, Julia was pleased to become an integral part of this new family, and determined to be a success in life. She attended an Orthodox Jewish day school from K-12th grade where she displayed talent in art. She continued to hone this ability at the Emunah vOmanut seminary in Jerusalem and then at Stern College in New York City. Tragically, Julia died in a train accident the end of January 2015, four months before she would have received her degree.

Julia´s family remembers her caring, intense connection to each member. Her friends recall her devotion, her fun-loving nature and her positive influence on each of them. Her teachers recall a hard working student and a talented artist. And we all have in our hearts and minds the image of a sweet, energetic, always-smiling beautiful young woman who had so much to contribute to the world. Julia hoped to work in the fashion world and then possibly pursue a career in counselling. She would have been pleased to be helping the children at Bet Elazraki — especially through art which she so loved and at which she excelled.