Micki & Ayal Horovits Sports Fund

Through years of experience, we have seen that sports can truly change a child’s life. Through taking part in an athletic activity, children learn discipline, teamwork, setting goals and achieving them and withstand physical and emotional challenges.

At Bet Elazraki we offer a wide array of athletic activities – soccer, basketball, running, and swimming. Demand for these after school activities is high and due to budgetary limitations, we cannot always provide them to all the children and on an ongoing basis.
For at risk children sport is not a luxury. It serves as an added value, a significant push towards a meaningful change that would promote their chances of breaking the cycle of distress.
The Micki & Ayal Horovits Sports Fund was founded in order to strengthen sports as a way of life at the Children´s Home. Funds collected go towards operating a variety of sports teams for boy and girls.