Orit & Seth Gribetz Preparation for Life Program

Our goal for each and every one of our children is to ensure that they break the cycle of distress, and grow up to be healthy and loving spouses and parents, and contributing members of Israeli society.

A child who grows up in a stable home has parents to serve as their role models. Most children have witnessed their parents create a warm and functioning household, have a steady job, and so on. Our children, however, only have us. Therefore, through the Orit & Seth Gribetz Preparation for Life Program, we provide our children with all of the knowledge and tools they need to spread their wings and thrive. The program is a broad and comprehensive program that addresses a variety of topics such as:

• IDF/National Service options and preparation
• Job interview coaching/ preparation for life in the workforce
• Finances/budgeting
• Internet safety
• Relationship coaching
• Household management

…and so much more!