Robert (Tzvi) Himber Z”L Basketball Program

At Bet Elazraki, we do everything possible to heal our children. We do so through typical therapy, as well as combining innovative and unique programs. For a child from a normal home, these things would be taken for granted; the opportunity to play sports after school, join a basketball league with their friends, get proper training to improve their running skills, etc. But for our children, experiences like these are an opportunity that they never would have had otherwise. Sports do not only give our children a chance to enhance themselves physically, but also mentally and psychologically.

Through the opportunity to participate in basketball clinics, our boys and girls of all ages learn the power of teamwork, discipline, and most importantly, the notion that they can always improve and accomplish anything they set their minds to.

This fund has been generously created by Janet & Lior Hod and Rochelle & Efrem Nulman in memory of Robert (Tzvi) Himber, a basketball player and coach who loved and taught the game.