Soldier’s Fund

Government support of at – risk youth ceases at age 18.
The transition from high-school student to IDF soldier is intense and challenging for all Israeli teens.  Families play an essential role in easing the transition and providing their soldiers with the loving support that they so need. Soldiers depend on their family to provide a warm home environment when on leave, special treats and ongoing emotional and financial support. No one should have to go through this alone.

For Bet Elazraki graduates who lack a functional biological family – we are their family. The Soldiers Fund accompanies our graduates during this transitional period and throughout their entire military service.  

We need your help to provide our soldiers with:

  • Pocket money
  • Financial support of studies in prestigious “mechina” preparatory programs and higher education for soldiers in the Atudah program.
  • Emotional and professional support 

It is because of this support for our soldiers (and those serving through the national service – sherut leumi program), that our graduates excel in their service to our country.