Valerie & Steven Stein After School Tutorial Program

75% of our children are second or third generation of growing up in an institution. At Bet Elazraki our goal is to ensure that our children grow up to be independent, healthy, contributing members of Israeli society, and loving parents to their own children in the future. That they will break this vicious cycle. One of the most crucial ways to break this cycle is through education, which has proven to be successful based on years of experience.

When a child from a normal home encounters difficulty in their studies they generally have a good support system, and parents who are able and willing to get them the assistance they requre to excel. Our children however, only have themselves. In a dysfunctional family, the child goes to school and has to deal with an additional emotional load that hinders his/her concentration on school. This also means that a child encountering difficulty cannot receive any assistance from his/her parents. With this program, we give our children emotional support and confidence, and yet another reason to believe that we are there for them always. But before any of this, they are given the skils and the guidance that they require to fill their scholastic gaps.  It is our mission to provide our children with the proper tools that they need to reach their highest academic potential; ultimately enhancing their self-esteem, and setting them up on a path to a successful life.