Our goal is to break the cycle of distress for generations to come. We will be there for our children always- as the backbone of their present, and the springboard to their future.

In 1999, when Yehuda and Rikki Kohn first came to the children’s home, they were shocked to see brothers and sisters, second and third generation of living in distress. Just at that moment, our needs, vision, and goals were defined:

Breaking the cycle of distress for generations

This is our overarching vision which dictates all of our other goals for our children.

To be a real family, this is the essence of our ambition

To do more than pull children at risk from dangerous environments, but to absorb them in the appropriate framework, to care for them and provide for all of their needs – physiological, emotional, academic and social.

Changing the lives of children, improving and enriching, is our goal

To provide them with tools and skills to deal with the traumas of the past, while at the same time, providing them with everything they need to fulfill their utmost potential and look toward a bright future.

To provide stability and support forever is our desire

To be there always for our children, never to abandon them. Just as a biological parent is there for their child at every age and stage, we accomplish just the same.

Encouraging excellence and academic success is key

Our experience has shown that this is key to breaking the cycle of distress. A good student develops positive self-esteem and confidence. A good student broadcasts “I’m worth it”, and our children are certainly that and more.

Raising an independent, healthy and happy generation is our goal

To move our children to the “giving side” of society. To see them serve in the army, attend universities, work and contribute to others, get married and raise their children in a healthy and loving home.

More than 206 graduates have already fulfilled this vision, and serve as role models for the rest of our children.

We are committed to continuing to do everything we can to give our children a place of peace, stability, warmth, love, and a sense of security.

Together, we will break the cycle of distress.