At Bet Elazraki, we operate by a unique work model, generating a true and significant change in the lives of our children. We developed this model based on years of experience in rehabilitating, caring for and promoting children at risk. It currently serves as a prototype for various institutions in Israel and around the world.

The model consists of 4 main elements:

Stability -
home forever

The Physiological-Existential Level

As soon as child arrives at our home, we ingrain in them the idea that just like a biological family, we will be there for them always. With us, they have found a home and a family for life.

Caring for our children’s physical needs is essential to their emotional, academic and social progress. We provide them with nutritious meals, proper clothing and excellent accommodations while maintaining their cleanliness and health to the highest degree.

The stability that they feel is based on the trust that develops over time and each child’s understanding that there is someone behind him/her at every given moment of their life. We are with our children every step of the way both during their everyday lives and during important lifecycle events. Whether it is doing homework, going to the doctor, starting first grade, celebrating a bar/bat mitzvah, graduating from high school, joining the IDF, university, weddings and births, we are always there.

The Emotional Response

The Therapeutic Level

Our children come from traumatic backgrounds, and have dealt with severe circumstances. As a result, they suffer from tremendous emotional and psychological difficulties. We strive to provide each of our children with the optimal response to their needs through personalized treatment. Our therapeutic team consists of the best experts: clinical and development psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and therapists. The staff applies traditional and innovative treatment techniques, including: psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), clinical social work, psychodrama, music and art therapy, animal therapy, treating sexual assaults, development programs and more. The various treatments enable emotional rehabilitation among our children, paving the road for them to rid themselves of past traumas and make room for acquiring skills to succeed in the future and optimally, cope with their difficulties and challenges.

Actualizing Capabilities and Potential

The Academic Level

Based on years of experience, we have seen that academic success is the key to breaking the cycle of distress. Academic excellence contributes to the self-image, improves confidence and increases motivation toward additional successes. We operate various projects aiming to advance our children toward strong academic achievements:

  • After-school tutorial program – Private lessons in various subjects, conducted by professional teachers based on each child’s difficulties and needs, including individual attention to their progress. The program also includes preparation for the matriculation exams (exams in Israel required to graduate high school).
  • General homework assistance and exam preparation – Provided by national service counselors serving at our home.
  • Ongoing contact with the school staff, participation in parent-teacher conferences and advisory meetings.
  • Transportation– Every morning, we provide transportation for our children to many different schools in the Netanya area. They are returned home at the end of the day to be greeted with a hug and a smile from our loving staff.

Over 90% of our children have graduated from high school with fully passing matriculation exams. This is a number that we are so incredibly proud of.

The Social Level

We believe that our children’s social life is of immense importance. Therefore, we act to enrich it in various ways:

  • Trips, plays, and concerts.
  • Participation in after-school activities and social sessions at community centers in order to integrate the children within the community and develop their social awareness.
  • Organizing sports and other social activities at the Children’s Home to create a fun and unifying environment, while promoting values of friendship and mutual support.
  • Birthday parties, special holiday and Shabbat activities, and meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies.