“All a child needs
is someone to believe in him”

HaRav Carlebach

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    Welcome to American Friends of Bet Elazraki

    Bet Elazraki Children’s Home was established in 1969 to serve 34 children. Today, over 200 at-risk children of all ages, call Bet Elazraki their home. Many of our children were born into second, and even third, generation of distress, and were brought to us by welfare authorities nationwide.

    Children referred to our care were removed from life-threatening dangers and dysfunctional family environments.

    Our Home is unique as it embraces and nurtures children lovingly, while implementing a structured and professional model aimed at helping them overcome their pain, heal from their trauma, fulfill their potential, and break the cycle of distress.

    Any child who walks through our doors has truly found a home for life. We are committed to our children always, just like a biological family.

    Our success by the Numbers

    Married Children

    Graduate Spotlight


    Meet Naomi, a personal banker, a graduate of Diplomacy Studies and Strategy at IDC, and most importantly…a graduate of ours. Oh, and she’s engaged too! Naomi won on behalf of the Children’s Home to join a delegation in Rwanda, London and Manchester and worked at the Holocaust Museum in Washington. Needless to say, we’re so proud of all of her accomplishments!
    “My special home set the stage for me to develop my abilities. New worlds opened up for me, literally across the globe as well.”


    Our Shlomo, who came to us in sixth grade with his older brothers, has broken the cycle of distress. Today, he’s married to Tiferet, who works as a coordinator at Bet Elazraki – what more can we ask for than that? After combat service in Nahal, he devoted himself to educational studies.
    “The desire to help and give to others has been a part of me ever since I was young. When I was in the children’s home I have always been happy to help anyone who has approached me with any problem.”


    Harel has already done a bachelor’s degree, gotten a teaching certificate, and today he is a teacher, but most importantly – he is happily married (to a social worker who works with girls at risk!) and the father of 3 adorable children.
    “Bet Elazraki was and remains for me a real home with a true sense of family. In this home I acquired the foundations for starting a healthy family that I did not have as a child, and fortunately I have today.”


    Who does not know Ortal? The girl who was a leader in the children’s home, has a bachelor’s degree in criminology, and is now married and the mother of an adorable son, and works at home…by that we mean our children’s home of course!
    “The children’s home, the place that was and will be my home forever, the place where I know everyone and who I know will be there for me for everything I will ever need – advice, support, a warm shoulder to lean on.”


    Robert defines himself as a family man in essence, and learned what true family is by growing up in Bet Elazraki. Today, after a bachelor’s degree in education and nursing studies, he works as a nurse in Clalit Health Services. He is married and the father of two sweet children.
    “The children’s home is my home forever …. it’s the place where I always felt that they believed in me and did everything to make me successful.”


    Danny who grew up at Bet Elazraki from the age of 6 was determined to break the cycle of distress, and succeeded. The facts speak for themselves: a fighter in Givati, an outstanding dean for 3 years in the Faculty of Law, a legal advisor, married and the father of 5 children.
    “I wanted exactly what they wanted for me at Bet Elazraki – to break the cycle of distress I came from. And I did.”


    Itzik says that he had 4 years in the children’s home to receive the best training for independent living. He is currently an officer in the Armored Corps, imbued with the goal of contributing to the country, as well as advancing personally.
    “At the children’s home, I received all of the preparation I needed for any challenges I face today, and for those who will surely be waiting for me in the future.”


    Eleanor says that the children’s home gave her a warm and supportive feeling—that someone loved her, that someone cared about her. Eleanor successfully completed two degrees. First in engineering industry and management, and the second in business administration.
    “The children’s home gave me a feeling that there was always someone there for me. Even after I finished high school we kept in touch over the years. The combination of willpower, self-belief and hard work, are what led to my success. If Bet Elazraki was not behind me I would not be who I am today “