Success Stories

Our children are our successes

Removing a child from an unsafe environment, nurturing them, and seeing that child smile– is a success! The child who becomes an outstanding student in his class, first to raise his hand with the correct answer– is a success! The girl whose eyes sparkle at the Bat Mitzvah party as she is surrounded by friends, gifts and love – is a success! Bet Elazraki graduates, who serve in the army, study in university, work, and raise their own loving and stable families  – are our ultimate success!

Every child who has ever entered our home has a story to tell. Below are just a small sample of over 200 children who have broken the cycle of distress and have grown up to be adults full of achievements and success.

These are the stories of our children…

Danny Aharonov

Eleanor Icourt

Harel Deutsch

Itzik Elstein

Naomi Daniel

Robert Hafizov

Ortal praise

Shlomo Vermeis