Jennifer & Elliot Tawil Wedding Fund

A graduate’s weddings is proof that they have broken the cycle of distress.

Many of our children are second and third generation of living in distress.  Breaking this vicious cycle starts when the child is brought to our home following trauma; it is completed when our graduates begin building their adult lives with their chosen partner, at their wedding.  Building a new healthy home in which their children can be raised, is the ultimate fulfillment of the Bet Elazraki vision.

Just as any biological parent walks their child down the aisle, we are there to do just that with our graduates, holding their hand through all of life’s pivotal milestones.

In Israel it is customary that wedding costs are shared by both sides.  Our graduates have no other family to lean on.  We are their “side”.  It is our job to ensure that their wedding is respectable like those of their peers.  We must be there for them financially and emotionally throughout this special time.