Lian & Eitan Hahn Optometry Fund

Every year we purchase eyeglasses for 30-40 children. As we are dealing with children, some very young, our experience shows that a pair of glasses is not a one-time purchase. Glasses are so often broken or lost that they need to be replaced sometimes even 2-3 times a year.
Aesthetic care of children at risk actively contributes to their development on all fronts.  At the Children´s Home, we make sure that every single girl and boy will look and feel their very best.  We understand that children who are unhappy with how they look aesthetically generally suffer from a low body image, which affects their entire self-image and sense of self-worth. Therefore, we also make sure each child is happy with the glasses that he is given, so that he looks good and feels confident.
Your contribution to the Optometry Fund will help to fund much needed eyeglasses for many of our children, enabling them to literally see far, ultimately allowing them to “dream big” and reach far as well.  This support will allow our children to walk proudly and with their head held high toward breaking the cycle of distress.