Who We Are

“All a child needs is at least one adult to believe in”

Rabbi Carlebach

At the Elazarki Color Children’s Home, we believe in every girl and boy.

Welcome to the warm, loving and encouraging home of more than 200 at-risk children ages 6-18, and over 200 successful graduates. The children come from unstable and unfit homes, with parents who are unable to provide for their basic needs and lack the ability to give them the tools for normal development. The children are referred to us by the welfare authorities, and from the that moment they walk through our doors, they have found a home.

At Bet Elazraki Children’s Home, we provide children with a home and a family, provide for their physiological needs, enable them to grow up in a supportive, warm and loving environment, while providing therapeutic healing  and, educational and social enrichment. All of this is accomplished due to the incredible work of the most professional and dedicated staff. Every morning, our children are transported to over 24 schools throughout Netanya, and they return home at noon to the warm and loving faces of our staff.

We operate according to a unique and professional work model that we have developed, and which has been adopted by various institutions in Israel and around the world, having yielded proven excellent results.

Our home currently has 6 main frameworks, in which the children are divided into groups of boys and girls and according to age

Bet Elazraki Children’s Home was founded in 1969 in Netanya, and in 1982 we were incorporated as an independent association. We work in cooperation with and with the support of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, the Ministry of Education, Netanya Municipality and many donors from Israel and abroad.

Every child who steps foot in our home will always remain a part of our family. The Bet Elazraki family is proud every day of its hundreds of graduates who have broken the cycle of distress and are successful both professionally and personally.

Our six frames in a nutshell

The children's
home Central

Girls and boys
Ages 15-7

House of

Ages 15-14

The alumni

Ages 16-18

The alumni

Ages 16-18

The treatment

Boarding school today

Jordan House
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The soldiers' house